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Are You Searching for a Rabbi to officiate at an intermarriage?

The Rabbinic Center for Research and Counseling provides a referral service for those who seek help in matters relating to intermarriage by maintaining a national list of over 400 rabbis who officiate at intermarriages.  All rabbis on the list are members either of the Central Conference of American Rabbis or of the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association.  To make this list as useful as possible, it is updated monthly and the conditions under which rabbis officiate are indicated.

Location of the rabbis on the list by state, province and country.

Conditions under which rabbis on the list officiate.

Frequently asked questions about rabbis who officiate.

Order List of CCAR and RRA Rabbis Who Officiate
at Intermarriages

Articles on intermarriage and on the programs the Center offers for intermarried couples can be downloaded at your convenience. Click for articles and links.  

If you are unsuccessful in locating a rabbi for your ceremony, need further assistance or would like to set up a conference to discuss issues relating to intermarriage, call 908-233-0419. The Rabbinic Center office does not provide the names of individual rabbis or more specific information on conditions or location. Our experience has been that there is little likelihood that any single rabbi you call will fit your requirements for officiating and will also be available at the time you have set for your ceremony.  It is also necessary to understand that, because there are comparatively few rabbis who officiate at intermarriages, you may not be able to find a rabbi in your immediate vicinity . The list allows you to call the closest rabbis first and then contact rabbis who are further away.

Good luck in your search for a rabbi.

Location of Rabbis
Conditions of Officiating | Frequently Asked Questions
Information on Ordering the List of Rabbis



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