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Location of Rabbis by State, Canadian Province and Country

Of the over 400 rabbis on the list, eight rabbis are outside the United States, one in Argentina, one in Australia, five in Canada, and one in the United Kingdom. There are 396 rabbis in the United States in forty-one of the fifty states. There are no rabbis in AK, AR, HI, ID,  NE, ND, SD, UT, and WY. Four rabbis are listed in two different locations.

Please understand that unless your ceremony is being held in a large metropolitan area with a significant Jewish population, you may not be able to find a rabbi in the immediate vicinity. However, the list will enable you to locate the rabbis who are closest to you and who will officiate under the conditions that you want.


  Number of Rabbis   Number of Rabbis
Argentina 1 United Kingdom 1




Canada 5    



British Columbia



1 Quebec 1
Saskatchewan 1    
United States


State List Rabbis State List Rabbis
AL 5


CA 62 CO 7
CT 6 DC 2
DE 1 FL 33
GA 11 IA 2
IL 19 IN 2
KS 3 KY 4
LA 4 MA 18
MD 10 ME 3
MI 10 MN 2
MO 12 MS 1
MT 1 NC 3
NH 1 NJ 20
NM 5 NV 3
NY 43 OH 25
OK 2 OR 2
PA 28 RI 2
SC 5 TN 3
TX 11 VA 8
WA 6 WI 5
WV 2    

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