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Programs for Intermarried Couples

Our state licensed mental health professionals provide marital and premarital therapy for intermarried couples and their families.  Our two most popular programs are listed below. Other offerings will be listed as our site evolves.
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Raising Children in the Intermarried Home


Purpose:  To help parents or prospective parents acquire the tools to cope with different cultural and religious backgrounds.

To help them prepare for decisions that have to be made when children arrive and later when they begin to ask challenging questions.

Focus:  Looking at religious and ethnic differences.   Exploring attitudes and expectations.  Concerns, questions, attitudes and problems.  Making decisions on behalf of children.  Gaining acceptance from family and friends.  Becoming part of the larger community.  Some foreseeable and some unforeseeable consequences. 

When: This workshop is held on a Sunday from 9:15 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Call or email for details.

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Groups  for Intermarried Couples



Purpose:  To enhance the quality of the marital relationship.

Focus:   Developing skills for improving communications, resolving conflict and establishing bonds of trust and intimacy.  Separating from parents.  Building a strong and caring relationship.  Expressing anger constructively.  Enhancing the sexual bond.  Coping with religious difference. Helping parents or prospective parents acquire the tools to cope with different cultural and religious backgrounds.

When:  This group meets on Friday evening once a month.  For further information call 908-233-0419

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The Rabbinic Center for Research and Counseling 
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A private, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting research on intermarriage, counseling intermarried couples and serving as a mental health facility for area residents. 

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